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Knife NL1, 25 cm / leather handle
This powerful chopper is named after the Aesir’s strongest and most powerful god The ruler of the...
SEK 6,324
Knife NL2, 20 cm / leather handle
The one-eyed Odin (or Woden) is considered the highest ranking god in the Norse sagas. He was the...
SEK 5,712
Knife NL3, 15 cm / leather handle
Njord was the god of fertility in the Norse sagas and belonged to the Vanir clan. He was also the...
SEK 4,580
Knife NL4, 13 cm / leather handle
Frey was the god of peace in the Nordic sagas, but also the god who rules over fertility and...
SEK 3,608
Knife NL5 10 cm / leather handle
In Norse mythology, Idun was the goddess of fertility, and was responsible for guarding the...
SEK 3,708

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