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For those who handle food  -  Slaughtering • Cutting • Butcher/Charcuterie
Cheese handling • Grocery store
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Swedish Fällkniven turns 35 and offers folding knife Pd
in limited edition of 1000 pcs.

SEK 2,104

Meat mincer FA-12ECO, 230V

Meat mincer FA-12ECO, 230V

A handy meat mincer table model from FACEM for mincing meat in households, home butcher, restaurant or large snack bar, etc.

The "little brother" to FA-22 which was awarded best in test test by Jakt & Jägare, nr. 11 2017!

Plastic bowl (tray). Gear driven. Push buttons start/stop. Mincing house / head is easily removed for washing by hand. 2 mincing parts included (Single knife and end plate 3.0 mm).

SEK 2,812

Selected professional knives for hunting!
New PremiumCut from Giesser!

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Apron Bar Mooseleather
SEK 2,396SEK 2,796
SEK 300SEK 588

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