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Fork 15 cm, curved
A somewhat simpler fork to store, deli, restaurant and home.
SEK 128
Fork 18 cm, straight
SEK 328
Fork 21 cm, straight
A forged fork for supermarkets, deli, restaurant and home user.
SEK 368
Scissors fish Victorinox, 22 cm / Stainless
SEK 496
Scissors fish, 22 cm / black
Fish scissors with lock.
SEK 232
Scissors Classic, 20 cm / orange
Universal scissors from Fiskars for all types of cutting work.
SEK 168
Spring for scissors 66-2250
Replacement spring for scissors 66-2250.
SEK 44
Scissors poultry 24 cm / dividable, stainless
Strong, devidable poultry scissors for proffesionals.
SEK 528
Spring for scissors 66-2260
Spare spring for scissors 66-2260.
SEK 20
Scissors poultry, 25cm / black
Poultry scissors with lock.
SEK 232
Scissors, 10 cm springy/stainless/RED
SEK 156
Scissors embroidery Classic, 10 cm
Fiskars scissors embroidery Classic 9807 with orange handle.
SEK 124
Scissors manicure Classic, 10 cm
Manicure scissors 9806 (859806) from Fiskars with rounded tip for safe use – even on children's...
SEK 124
Scissors manicure Classic, 10 cm
Manicure scissors from Fiskars with very thin blade for careful cutting. Curved blades follow...
SEK 124
Pliers sausage, 16 cm
Tongs for sausage (wiener).
SEK 28
Pliers sausage, 24 cm
Tongs for sausage (wiener).
SEK 32
Pliers grip, 24 cm
Tongs for gripping.
SEK 44
Pliers lettuce, 23 cm
SEK 32
Pliers lettuce, 30 cm
SEK 36
Pliers deli, 28 cm
Tongs for charcuterie.
SEK 128
Pliers cucumber, 23 cm
SEK 108
Pliers herring, 31 cm
SEK 136
Salmon pliers, springy/stainl./BLUE
SEK 144
Spring band
A resilient white plastic strap for pliers.
SEK 24
Salmon pliers BM, springy/stainl./BLUE
Resiliently salmon pliers with thicker handles
SEK 144
Electronics pliers, springy/steel/BLUE
Electronics pliers with thin "jaws" of steel.
SEK 140
Salmon pliers, springy/stainless
A stronger salmon pliers that springs back.
SEK 224

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