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Glove vinyl / disposable WHITE (B)
SEK 55
Glove vinyl / disposable BLUE
Powdered with allergy-free cornmeal. 100 pcs/pack.
SEK 55
Glove nitrile / disposable BLUE
Food approved, powder free. 200 pcs/pack.
SEK 155
Hairnets white (144 pcs/pack)
A thin, simple hairnet that does the job.
SEK 630
Ear plug Ear Classic
Comfortable, practical and hygienic with excellent cushioning.
SEK 2.80
Ear plug Ear Express pins
A fast protection that is easy to use.
SEK 15
Face masks Flite (50 pcs/pack)
Comfortable mask with loops.
SEK 100
Disposable hat (100 pcs/pack)
A disposable forage cap in white with blue stripe.
SEK 200
SEK 1.60
12 pcs/pack.
SEK 9.50
SEK 55
Sleeves disposable
PE white/blue. 50 pairs/pack.

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