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Slaughtering / Cutting

Drag trolley for conductor rail (B2)
Drag trolley with electrical outlets. Ordered as many as you need for conductor rail / cargo rail...
Connection box KD for conductor rail (B2)
Connection box for electrical connection. You need 1 pc / conductor rail.
Balancer Kromer 4,5-7 kg
SEK 5,300
Balancer Kromer 9-14 kg
SEK 5,710
Balancer Kromer 13-17 kg
SEK 6,010
Balancer 15-20 kg 3,0 m (B2)
3,0 m cable travel for cutting of hanging carcasses eg splitting.
Electronic Stunning 512
Stunner (constant amperage & high frequency) Electronic-High-Frequency Constant-Amperage Stunner...
Electronic Stunning 514
Stunner (constant amperage & high frequency)

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