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Chop block brush with handle
A hand wire brush with wooden handle for chopping blocks etc. Additional handle for more power.
SEK 200
Chop block scrapers, triangular (U)
Maintain your chopping block etc. with this triangular scraper in combination with the chop block...
In stock: 1
SEK 92
Scrapers for cutting board
Maintain your cutting boards daily with this scraper and you will get not just longer life to the...
SEK 252
Griddle scraper 15 cm, wooden handle (3)
A traditional scraper for frying tables. Wooden handle with hole for easy suspension.
SEK 84
Table / Hand scraper, 25 cm
A table scraper / hand scraper with replaceable rubber cassette.
SEK 84
Fits Scraper 63-3000
SEK 52
SEK 68
SEK 32
SEK 76
SEK 112
SEK 292
SEK 260
SEK 48
Deck Scrub plastic, 27 cm
SEK 144
Brush plastic, 47 cm
SEK 296
Broom plastic, 30 cm WHITE
SEK 204
This is an expiring article - please check delivery time with us, e.g. before buying with card!
SEK 120
SEK 240
SEK 192
SEK 208
SEK 228
SEK 104
SEK 120
SEK 140
Holder scouring pad, with handle
The holder has a fitted handle.
SEK 168
Holder scouring pad, for long handle
The holder should be used with handle (accessory).
SEK 212
Wall Bracket, 4-6 Products
Storage of cleaning equipment ensures good hygiene practice and extends the shelf life of...
SEK 188
Shovel Vikan, large/129 cm
Completely molded plastic.
SEK 404
Shovel Vikan, small/125 cm
Completely molded plastic.
SEK 376
Shovel Vikan, small/110 cm
Completely molded plastic.
SEK 360

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