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Hygrometer 6,5 cm
Shows humidity 0-100%.
SEK 180
Hygrometer 10 cm
Shows humidity 0-100%.
SEK 375
Brine tester 81 P
The best-selling brine tester.
SEK 85
Salt tester SSX-210, digital (B1)
Digital, easy to read, salt meter from Ebro for checking meat, fish, etc.
Thermometer Universal, digital/black
A handy little digital sensor probe.
SEK 245
Thermometer Universal, digital/RÖD
A handy little digital sensor probe.
SEK 245
Thermometer Multi, digital
A handy little digital sensor probe that fits in or on the pocket.
SEK 270
Thermometer Maxi-Pen, digital
A moisture proof digital sensor probe.
SEK 430
Thermometer ad 17, digital
A simple digital thermometer with cable.
SEK 1,630
Thermometer TFX 410, 60 cm cable (1)
SEK 3,940
Thermometer TFX 410, 150 cm cable (1)
SEK 4,175
Thermometer, IR-digital (2)
A digital IR thermometer. Quick and easy surface measurement.
SEK 1,350
Thermometer TLC 750i, IR/probe (B1)
A thermometer for IR measurement (also with a probe).
Thermometer 116 M, freezer
Freezer Thermometer for freezer rooms, display cabinets, etc.
SEK 40
Thermometer 112, boiling
Boiling thermometer for kitchen and production.
SEK 185
Thermometer plastic, cold rooms
Fridge thermometer for cold rooms, cabinets, etc.
SEK 50
Thermometer 71 A, probe
Probe thermometer to check the core temperatures.
SEK 265
Thermometer oven/steak
Probe thermometer which can be put in the oven.
SEK 175
Thermometer BBQ (4 pcs)
BBQ-thermometers for the grill/oven.
SEK 245
PH-set ST-1000 with bag (B1)
Special order item - please check delivery time with us, e.g. before buying with card!

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