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Cheese cutter TLM, stainless
For splitting big cheeses.
SEK 3,900
Cheese wire TLM, nipple (10 pcs/pack)
Wire for cutter TLM
(Length = 32,5 cm)
SEK 392
Cheese cutter Junior, stainless
For splitting smaller cheeses or detailed cutting.
SEK 3,344
Cheese wire J:r, nipple (10 pcs/pack)
Wire for cutter J:r (Length = 17,5 cm)
SEK 296
Cheese cutter, 25 cm (bracket)
Larger wire cheese cutter for soft cheese.
SEK 188
Cheese cutter, 12 cm (bracket)
Small easy wire cheese cutter for soft cheese.
SEK 96
Cheese wire, plastic handle (10 pcs/pack)
Cheese wire for manual splitting.
SEK 180
Cheese wire Giesser, white plastic handle
Cheese wire for manual splitting of bigger cheeses.
SEK 324
Cheese knife Giesser 1 handle, 29 cm
With etching on the blade for minimal resistance (friction).
SEK 436
Cheese knife Giesser 2 handles/scalloped edge, 30 cm
With scalloped edge for minimal resistance (friction).
SEK 696
Cheese knife soft cheese 9655, 15 cm
A robust micro serrated cheese knife with tips for handing out samples etc.
SEK 124
Cheese-/Deli knife Stirex FK-114 mm
SEK 104
Cheese slicer Stirex CH-SL-1
With a ergonomic handle.
SEK 100
Tightening nut Junior, 25 mm
For cheese cutter Junior.
SEK 204
Tightening nut TLM, 40 mm
For cheese cutter TLM.
SEK 204
Tightening nut odd cutters, 50 mm
For odd cheese cutters and some old models.
SEK 208
Cheese drill 125 mm, stainless (B)
For inspection of hard cheeses.
SEK 1,048
Parmesan knife, 11 cm
Round handle approx 45 mm diameter.
SEK 180
Parmesan knife, 14 cm
Round handle approx 45 mm diameter.
SEK 248
Parmesan knife, 16 cm
Round handle approx 45 mm diameter.
SEK 300
Cheese cutter Mado, 230V
Half automatic wire cheese cutter is easy to use and fast: 1-2 sec. per cut. It has two-hand...

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