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Goggles, plastic
Lightweight goggles with side shields that provide good protection.
SEK 48
Hairnets white (144 pcs/pack)
A thin, simple hairnet that does the job.
SEK 504
Earmuffs Peltor H520A
For demanding environments and max noise reduction.
SEK 216
Sealing rings/pads HY52 (B)
SEK 92
Earmuffs Clarity C1F foldable
Flexible, foldable ear muff!
SEK 240
Earmuffs Thunder T1
Highest possible protection and comfort.
SEK 200
Ear plug Ear Classic
Comfortable, practical and hygienic with excellent cushioning.
SEK 2.20
Ear plug Ear Express pins
A fast protection that is easy to use.
SEK 10
Ear plug Ear Caps on jumper
The lightest of the wired hearing protectors (8 grams).
SEK 52
Earmuffs FM-radio / sound amplifier (B)
Hearing Protection Peltor Alert has built-in AM / FM radio and sound amplifier.
SEK 1,608
Face Masks/half mask SR100 M/L (B)
SR 100 half mask made ​​of silicone and in two sizes: small/medium (S/M) and medium/large (M/L).
Pre-filter 221 (5 pcs/pack)
Pre-filter 221 for Face Masks/half mask 54-5081-02.
Face masks Flite (50 pcs/pack)
Comfortable mask with loops.
SEK 80
Baseball cap, hairnet
Cap in polyester/cotton. Washable at 85°C. Velcro neck.
SEK 48
Peaked cap with hairnet
Polyester/cotton. Velcro neck. Washable at 85°C.
SEK 40
Disposable hat (100 pcs/pack)
A disposable forage cap in white with blue stripe.
SEK 160
Bump cap, white
NOTE! Not classified as helmet.
SEK 76

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