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Meat mincers (grinders)

Meat mincer 22, manual
Manual mincer with hand crank.
Table plate as accessories.
SEK 1,440
Meat mincer FA-12ECO, 230V
A small, handy meat mincer from FACEM.
SEK 2,812
Meat mincer FA-22E, 230V
A handy meat mincer table model from FACEM.
SEK 4,676
Meat mincer Mainca PF-82, 400V
Meat mincer from Mainca with refrigerated tray and worm house.
Tomato squeezer for meat mincer FA-22E
Squeez tomatos with your meat mincer FA-22E.
SEK 1,796
Oil 14 food approved, spray can
A food grade oil spray for easy lubrication of various details that are likely to come into...
SEK 108

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