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  • European "UNGER" System with 3 or 5 components.
  • All plates made from stainless steel (INOX).
  • Inclined precutter plate for a good flowing.
  • Stainless knives with exchangeable blades, double cut, single bush.
  • Blades fastened with stainless screws and nuts.
Installation and maintenance:

The set (knives and plates) is assembled as listed below, as seen from the front.
1. Precutter (3 big holes) at the back.
2. Double knife No 1 is mounted in the counter-clockwise direction.
3. Middle plate (usually 13 mm)
4. Double knife No 2 is mounted in the counter-clockwise direction.
5. Mincer plate (2-8 mm) determines the coarseness of the minced meat.
6. Distance ring (thin) to hold parts in place.
7. The worm house nut is mounted and tightened, but only lightly with your fingertips.
Do you have to pull harder to get good minced meat, the knives and plates are dull and needs to be sharpened.

Always keep the knives and plates together as a unit by mincing, washing or sharpening and never mix parts from different sets with each other. In this way you will maintain the parts "edgy" and you attain the highest quality of mincing.

When must stainless plates model Lico be sharpened?

We recommend sharpening at every 3-4 th change of the knife blades.
The easiest way to check that the plates are worn is, by assembling new knife blades, to put the hole set together and hold it up to the light. If the blades are not compleately straight against the plates, the plates should sharpened.


Model Plate Ø Plate centre hole Knife centre hole
R-70 70 mm Ø 17 mm 12 x 9 mm
H-82 82 mm Ø 22 mm 16 x 12 mm
A-90 90 mm Ø 24 mm 18 x 15 mm
B-98 98 mm Ø 26 mm 19 x 15 mm
C-106 106 mm Ø 28 mm 20 x 16 mm
D-114 114 mm Ø 29 mm 21 x 17 mm
E-130 130 mm Ø 32 mm  23 x 19 mm
F-150 150 mm Ø 38 mm 28 x 22 mm
G-160 160 mm Ø 42 mm 32 x 23 mm

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