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Knife block Victorinox 6.7185.6, knives in walnut
An elegant knife block with 6 knives with especially designed handles in elegant European walnut
SEK 5,750
Steak Knife Set Victorinox 6.9000.12 cm / Walnut
6.9000.12G. Two sharp knives that can be used as excellent meat knives at the dining table for...
SEK 850
Chef Knife Victorinox 6.9010.15 cm / Walnut
6.9010.15G. An excellent all-knife in the kitchen.
SEK 670
Chef Knife Victorinox 6.9010.22 cm / Walnut
6.9010.22G. A good chefs knife for pro and amateur.
SEK 760
Chef Knife Victorinox Santuko 6.9050.17K culter / Walnut
6.9050.17KG. A good chefs knife, Santuko model, for pro and amateur.
SEK 850
Bread Knife Victorinox 6.9070.22W / Walnut
6.9070.22WG. A neat, stylish bread knife.
SEK 740

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