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Cleaver 6665, 17 cm china model - 0,55 kg
Broad Asian shape for chopping and cutting vegetables, spices and meat.
SEK 350
Slicing knife Giesser 7305, 49 cm
A long, steady knife to slice e.g. "dry aged/tenderized" beef.
SEK 650
Slicing knife Giesser 8270, 30 cm Forged (U)
This is an expiring article - please check delivery time with us, e.g. before buying with card!
In stock: 1
SEK 715SEK 955
Knife set Giesser BestCut 9840bc, 3 knives
A knife set from Giesser in the BestCut series with:
SEK 1,725
Knife set Giesser Olive handle 9840o, 3 knives
A knife set from Giesser in the Olive series with:
SEK 1,720

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