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Sheath knife Mora Basic 511, RED
A simple red "carpenters knife" in CARBON STEEL with plastic scabbard.
SEK 110
Sheath knife Mora Basic 546, BLUE
A simple blue "carpenters knife" in stainless steel with plastic scabbard.
SEK 90
Filleting knife Giesser 2285, 21 cm
SEK 225
Fish patty knife Giesser 9645, 15 cm / BLUE
SEK 270
Glove Latex / blue
Lined glove with grip pattern.
SEK 85
Scrapers for cutting board
Maintain your cutting boards daily with this scraper and you will get not just longer life to the...
SEK 330
Salmon pliers, springy/stainless
A stronger salmon pliers that springs back.
SEK 300

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