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Cutting knife Giesser 4025, 24 cm
Available in BLACK or RED (GREEN to order).
SEK 204
Slicing knife Giesser 7305, 49 cm
A long, steady knife to slice e.g. "dry aged/tenderized" beef.
SEK 416
Ham knife Giesser 7705, 25 cm
Available in RED (YELLOW or GREEN to order).
SEK 180
Apron Bar Mooseleather
A very exclusive Apron in smooth genuine moose leather class 1-2. Perfect for the "bar".
SEK 2,396SEK 2,796
Apron Grill Mooseleather
A very exclusive Apron in smooth genuine moose leather class 1-2. Perfect for the "grill" or...
SEK 2,396SEK 2,796
Apron "shop"   70x85 cm
SEK 212
Apron EL, plastic 75x100 cm
SEK 140
Apron SL, rubber 120 cm
Sturdy rubber apron in WHITE or BLUE.
SEK 256
Apron L90, plastic 130 cm
SEK 188
Apron TB, plastic 130 white (U)
SEK 184
Glove Defender 2
Glove that protects against slicing cuts.
SEK 208
Glove Handguard 2 (U)
Glove that protects against slicing cuts.
SEK 208
Cutting board 500x300x20 mm
High quality (PE500). Many different colors. Rubber feet.
SEK 340
Cutting board 900x350x20, COLOR / 1 lip
Available in BLUE, RED, GREEN and YELLOW.
1 lip (ledge) 900x20x20 mm.
SEK 760
Knife sharpener Global MC-220
MinoSharp wet grinder MC-220 from Global. Abrasive tool that easily sharpens your knives, a few...
SEK 288
Scissors sharpener Clip-Sharp
NOTE! Only for sharpening scissors from Fiskars.
SEK 100
Knife sharpener foot Dick
Fits both the white and black knife sharpener.
SEK 188
Chop block brush with handle
A hand wire brush with wooden handle for chopping blocks etc. Additional handle for more power.
SEK 184
Scrapers for cutting board
Maintain your cutting boards daily with this scraper and you will get not just longer life to the...
SEK 244
SEK 112
SEK 272
SEK 260
SEK 192
SEK 140
Fork 15 cm, curved
A somewhat simpler fork to store, deli, restaurant and home.
SEK 120
Fork 18 cm, straight
SEK 308
Fork 21 cm, straight
A forged fork for supermarkets, deli, restaurant and home user.
SEK 348
Rubber mat 1000x600x10 mm
Good anti-slip or softer surface.
SEK 1,624
Bucket 15 L, stainless
A strong stainless bucket (pail/bowk) with handle.
SEK 532
S-hook 100/4 (enter for other sizes)
SEK 7.20
Meat tenderizer plastic, 29 cm
A meat tenderizer (tenderiser), entirely in white polyethylene plastic, with a flat side and a...
SEK 304
Spoon 28 cm, stainless
With hole for hanging.
SEK 40
Spoon 26 cm, plastic
With hole for hanging.
SEK 20
Scissors Classic, 20 cm / orange
Universal scissors from Fiskars for all types of cutting work.
SEK 160
Slicing machine spade, stainless
Receive the slices easily and hygienically at the manual slicing machine.
SEK 252
Pliers sausage, 16 cm
Tongs for sausage (wiener).
SEK 28
Pliers sausage, 24 cm
Tongs for sausage (wiener).
SEK 32
Pliers grip, 24 cm
Tongs for gripping.
SEK 44
Pliers lettuce, 23 cm
SEK 32
Pliers lettuce, 30 cm
SEK 36
Pliers deli, 28 cm
Tongs for charcuterie.
SEK 120
Pliers cucumber, 23 cm
SEK 100

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